Thursday, October 20, 2016

Panettone baked in a Jar


Why it works: as it bakes, steam escapes through the lid, and as it cools it will create a vacuum within the jar. This is important for two reasons: it will hold the panettone up while it cools thus negating the need to turn the panettone upside down, something you always have to do with this bread to prevent collapsing, and also, since it is airtight it will extend the shelf life of the panettone. This one is 5 weeks old and has no sign of molding. This specific jar shape is intentional too as it allows the panettone to slide right out. Downside: these jars are not exactly cheap and the largest ones are 1 lt capacity only. This is 350 g of dough only where a regular panettone is about 1 kilo. Plus side: this opens possibilities for baking other doughs and batters this way. A fully baked angel food cake in a jar for example. This is not our invention by the way, I want to make that clear; it is from Denis Dianin from d&g Patisserie in Padua,Italy. #panettone #jar #gudetama #lazyegg

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chocolate "Vanilla Beans"


White chocolate infused with #Mexican #vanilla beans coated in black cocoa powder. The vanilla beans I used to infuse the chocolate are from a place called Papantla in the state of Veracruz. They were fat and bursting with seeds, with a deep and complex aroma. The infusion consisted of simply combining melted white chocolate with the split and scraped vanilla pods and seeds and holding them at 42C for 24 hours. After that time I strained the pods out. I used an interesting technique to pipe the chocolate which is that I intentionally seized it with a few drops of water. When you add a little water to warm chocolate it thickens like ganache which makes it pipeable (otherwise piping chocolate as is doesn't have that much volume) like toothpaste. I piped it directly onto a thin layer of black cocoa powder  and then coated them with more of the cocoa powder before the chocolate crystallized. It is important that the chocolate be warm and not tempered when you work with it as tempered chocolate will crystallize very quickly. Warm chocolate gives you a lot more time to work.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Mexico in a Bar or Huitla-chocolate

Yellow corn chocolate made by refining freeze dried corn with cocoa butter and sugar for 24 hours the tempering into this custom shaped bar. The chocolate is garnisheed with freeze dried huitlacoche which we did in our freeze drier at the lab, plus lime zest, chipotle powder and salt. Huitlacoche is a corn fungus that grows on corn during the rainy season in Mexico and is delicious. Unfortunately the term fungus has negative connotations but in this case it is actually a great thing. It has an earthy-corny taste that is prized by many. I am following up with a video on how it was made. #Mexico #chocolate #corn #huitlacoche 

Monday, August 8, 2016

"O" Bar

 I am always interested in different ways chocolate bars can be made into. This standing ring shaped bar is 6 inches / 15.2 cm in diameter - 4 inches / 10 cm wide - 1 inch/ 2.5 cm thick. The flavors are from top to bottom: toasted milk ganache / dulce de leche / roasted banana ganache. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Burnt Bread Bar

I first realized that burnt things could actually contribute pleasant flavors to other foods when I tasted a burnt milk ice cream when I was a child. I still remember how odd but delicious it was. It clearly had to have started as a mistake where someone figured they may as well make the ice cream anyway after the milk had scorched in the pot rather than throw it away. Burnt bread has a very deep and concentrated Maillard reaction which unravels when steeped in heavy cream to make a ganache. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Frozen Landscape

Pistachio ice cream, saffron ice cream, blood orange sorbet, rice milk sorbet. Ice cream and / or sorbet alone is one of my favorite desserts. Sometimes as pastry chefs we forget that ours is the very last course and the people we serve are not hungry anymore and a large desserts is likely to be the last thing they want. Frozen desserts fit the bill perfectly. #theelementsofdessert page 182