Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hard Candy

I am in awe of the product that the people at papabubble do ( and I am not afraid to say that I want to be as good as they are at making candy. What is amazing, besides the qulity of the product they make, is that it is done almost totaly by hand. They only have one automated machine they use to cut out individual hard candies, but that's it. Also, as if that was't inspiring enough, they are heavily involved in art and design and they use artists to design the stickers they apply onto their packages. The stores are an exercise in simplicity, where the product is the main atraction.
I have never been to a store. I know all this from the web and from people who have visited their stores.

One of my sous, Bryan Graham, was in Manhattan recently and he literally stumbled upon the store. We had spoken about this place a few times, because I wanted Bryan to spearhead our yet to debut hard candy offerings, and to try to become if not as good as papabubbles', at least in a close proximity. Bryan is great with chocolate and confectionery in general, so this task suits him well.
He brought back a few samples and they were outstanding. Most intriguing was a rice milk hard candy, which was heavy on the cinnamon, but it was also crystallized. On purpose. That is terrific, because we have all learned that it is bad to crystallize sugar. These guys say it's OK.

Bryan tested a few different varieties. I only photographed two of the ones he made. The one at the begining of this posting is a test to see if we can make a design inside a hard candy. It is just a test, which is why it is simply a circle down the center. The pieces above, are filled with fizzy powder. I think this was a great start and we'll see where we go from here.

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