Friday, April 24, 2009

Peaches and Cream

This is a new dessert we started this week. The idea was to use the basic precepts of the classic dessert of "Peaches and Cream". That is, we would use peaches and we would use cream, but it would be nothing like the actual dessert.

The components are:

  • Peach nectar: inside the "balloon". This balloon is nothing more than plain old kitchen plastic wrap. We used a sausage metal clip to secure the twist. The actual nectar is lightly gelled so that when the balloon is popped, the liquid oozes out like an egg yolk.

  • Inside the bowl: a layer of creme anglaise with toasted almond clusters and peach compote. Surrounding that, is a vanilla panna cotta.
  • The surface is made up of a purple joconde, which, after baking, was diced, blast frozen and pulverized in the thermomix.
  • A pin. How else would you pop the balloon?
This item is definitively interactive and the customer has to be told how to eat it. And to be aware of the pin.
Sometimes when I am confronted with an interactive dish, I tend to resent the chef for making me do the work he or she is supposed to do for me. But in this case I am the chef that is putting the customer to work.

The look of the balloons reminds me of a tomato. Which gave me the idea to do something with tomatoes in this way when they arrive in the summer. Obviously not a dessert.

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