Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Terrarium - Revisited

Individual desserts can also translate into cakes, but sometimes they require some adjusting. The "Terrarium" posted on Wednesday April 22, has some components that just cannot translate into a cake, such as the milk chocolate soil. If you think about it, the soil is loose and it will not have any structure, which could make the cake hard to cut and eat.
So instead of using milk chocolate, we used the milk chocolate to make a milk chocolate mousse, which is the body of this cake. The almond and cocoa soil are at the top of the cake, and yes, it is a loose component, and to resolve this the top layer was coated with chocolate spray, which when set, hardens and keeps everything in place.

The meyer lemon and espresso curd, as well as the litchi jelly are used as inserts. The sponge cake is matcha tea genoise.

I think this cake does nature justice. And it tastes good too.

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  1. this visually reminds me of a dish done by rene redzipi at noma with onions...glad to stumble onto your blog chef...i didn't make it to per se or tfl, but i fell in with Ken Oringer, and am on a pretty special young cooks journey right now under him...hope all is well back in ny...

    greg kc