Saturday, May 9, 2009

Conceptual stuff... one more time

I really enjoyed eating and making this item. The gel is a sweetened white balsamic vinegar gelee (200 g water, 40 g white balsamic vinegar, 20 g sugar, 4 sheets gelatin). The pearls are tapioca cooked in soy sauce. The dessert is sweet, tart and salty with only two apparent components: the gelee and the tapioca.
I wouldn't say this is a dessert by any means. It can be an amuse bouche or another small course, all on its own.
To keep the pearls in place was not easy, but I figured out that if I lined them up one by one inside a frame, froze it, and then poured the gelee in when it had cooled down to room temperature, I could keep the pearls in place. It had to be set at room temperature, which did not take long since the frame and the base were very cold, and the gelee was pourable but cool.

This could be very good with a very thin slice of yellowtail sashimi. Or the tapioca could be replaced by tobiko wasabi and the gelee could be made of sake. The possibilities seem to be many.

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