Monday, May 11, 2009

Ink Bread

Squid ink is an acquired taste. It is fishy and earthy at the same time. I happen to like it and I am still not sure why. I think it has to do with the fact that it is a very deep black that is off-putting, but also fascinating. Black food.
I have had it in pasta, when it is used to make the actual dough, and the flavor is very mild. In rice or risotto it is very strong. Some people are also turned off by the smell.
I think that for me it was one of those things that was just eaten with my family and it was normal. But still, it does kind of stink.

I wanted to try it out with bread and see if it had any effect on the bread besides the flavor. I added the ink to the water portion of the dough and made it as I would any normal lean dough. As you can see from the pictures the crumb is right on point, nice and open and irregular. The flavor was very subtle to the point of being pleasant, even for those who cannot stomach it. I can see serving this with a paella or seafood soup.

I will be posting about a saffron bread, and saffron - candied apple bread that I made soon.


  1. Any chance you could post the formula for this? Very interested in serving this with seafood paella.

  2. love squid ink. this looks very interesting. just tripped over your blog. it's very refreshing in a sea of food blogs

  3. love squid ink. this looks interesting. just tripped over your blog on twitter. very refreshing in a sea of junk food blogs

  4. Here is the recipe:
    let me know how it works out.

  5. The squid ink % was much lower than I expected. Thanks! I'll try it out soon.