Sunday, May 3, 2009

More from the conceptual front

These "A"'s are made of pure dark chocolate, brushed with edible gold dust. What is conceptual about it is the meaning of the letter "A". I think it is pretty much a given that the actual taste of the "A" is not going to be challenging to anyone. Chocolate is chocolate, good quality or poor quality (I don't think I know anyone who would taste a lower end chocolate and spit it out from disgust... nor do I want to) and the gold dust contributes nothing but a visual enhancement. So this is a golden "A". And it made me think of all of the connotations the letter "A" has. The first is quality. Grade "A" eggs. "A1 steak sauce" (that's a double positive with the number 1 added to the A). "A" is a good grade. Also, let's not forget the impact of gold. If you get a gold medal, you won first place. If you got a gold star in grade school, you did something good. Golden tooth... well... not sure what that means, but it's better than a silver tooth I suppose.

These were made for an event I have in Chicago in a couple of weeks, where we will be serving desserts and mignardises. This is one of the mignardises. And in this case, the "A" is the first initial of our establishment, which we are representing. It is meant for it to be associated with all the good things the letter "A" stands for. Plus it is made with very good chocolate, for those who do not get the concept. In any case, it is not a mind boggling concept. If you get it, good, if not, you are eating a good piece of chocolate and you move on to the next mignardise.

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