Saturday, May 23, 2009

More fun with foie...

This dish brings together two separate postings; the first was about conceptual desserts ("Conceptual Desserts that are Actually Good", Thursday, April 30 2009), which described a rhubarb poached in grenadine encased in elderflower gelee. The second was in regards to the Thermomix ("Thermomix, Uber-apparat", Sunday May 10 2009) and the manufacture of a very smooth foie mousse.
The original conceptual dessert all of the sudden becomes completely non-conceptual, and is used as a garnish that makes sense with a savory product like foie. As in the Thermomix posting, I made the foie mousse the same way and then I filled a rectangle of crisp feuille de brick with the mousse as soon as it was done. The trick to this item is to make the mousse a la minute, fill the baked brick rectangle and serve it right away. If you refrigerate the mousse then its just any old foie mousse. But when it is still smooth and you eat it with the crisp brick and then some of the tart-sweet rhubarb and the floral elderflower, it all comes together more than adequately.

On second thought this dish is completely conceptual. It takes two seemingly unrelated components, each one with its own gravitas and meaning, and then they are put together because they simply made sense like that. Even if one does not get the conceptual part, it just tastes really good, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters when you make food: was it delicious or not?

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