Monday, May 18, 2009

Mucho Mochi

Mochi is a dough that is made with glutinous rice flour. Now, the classic method for making it entails a long process (2 hours) of beating the dough into submission with a wooden dowel until it becomes pliable, smooth and elastic. This method though is much easier.

Recipe: 400 g glutinous rice flour, 440 superfine sugar, 480 g water. Mix the whole thing, strain it. Then you microwave it on high in 2 minute intervals, stir it in between the intervals, and cook it until it is smooth and elastic. Roll it out by hand (copious amounts of rice flour on the bottom and on top so it won't stick to anything), and then let it cool off. I have to admit that I may not have finished this in he traditional fashion. Typically a ball of this dough is filled with either red bean paste or even ice cream. I assemble them as a ravioli: sheet of dough at the bottom, the filling (in this case a mixture of litchi jelly, mango and pineapple, both cooked in a light vanilla syrup until tender), and then a top sheet of dough. I use pasteurized egg whites to glue both sheets (water and other liquids do not work). And I did use some purple to enhance it.
Pictures were not taken by my crappy camera, they were taken by a former student of mine, Tea Mamut. Thank you Tea.


  1. Very interesting. Some friends of mine just got back from a trip to Japan and couldn't stop going on about mochi creams (which I gather is some sort of franchise that sells ice-cream with bean paste inside mochi). This looks like a version we can try from home - thanks

  2. Thank you Chef! I can see your pictures are getting better, I like the different backgrounds - it's all about the practice! ;)
    I am enjoying my trip a lot and I am trying to find traditional pastries from each region I visit, so I'll definitely have many stories when I come back!