Friday, May 22, 2009

Saffron and Candied Apple Bread

Normally I am not a big fan of solid garnish in breads. Raisin this and walnut that. Nuts in bread will eventually and hopelessly become soggy and have a texture like chicken cartilage. No thanks.
But these candied apples are the exception for me, especially with the saffron.

I took the water portion of the dough and infused it with plenty of saffron, and left it in it (I did not strain it out). I also cooked the apples, nice and slow, in sugar with saffron. It seems to me that apples and saffron go very well together.
Once the dough was made, I portioned it, pre-shaped it into a flat disc and spread the candied apples throughout the surface, and then folded the dough as if I were making a won ton, trapping the apples inside it. As I rolled the dough on the table to give it the final shape, the apples made their way close to the surface. In the picture all the way above, you can see some of the candied apples oozing out of the crust. Just a great bread to eat on its own.


  1. This makes me think of Almonds somehow. Almond butter or Almond Honey, perhaps.

  2. As a bread baker I can really appreciate this. I agree about the dried fruits and nuts in bread. I don't like adding them to doughs, but this looks exceptional. Thanks for the great ideas