Saturday, May 16, 2009

So what's wrong with Jersey cake?

This is not what is known as Jersey cake (or cookie), also known as 7 layer cookies or rainbow cookies.
But when I made it, the question I was frequently asked was: is that Jersey cake? And the question usually was accompanied by a smirk. I suppose Jersey cake has a stigma. Would it have the same stigma attached to it had it been made originally in L.A. or Montreal? "Hey is that Montreal cake?"
I don't have the answer to that. I know that if I were from Jersey, I would be proud of this cake. My grandfather always bought these little cakes (because they are cakes, I mean, there is nothing cookie-like about them) and I loved them (still do, so what?). I also think there is some enhanced ridicule that is derived from the use of so many colors, as if that made it lame or non-foodie worthy.
Now, I have never made an actual Jersey cookie, but the layers in it are of almond cake, and raspberry jam, and then it is coated in chocolate.

The cake in the pictures is made out of joconde sponge cake (20 layers) soaked with a dark spiced rum and it is layered with a smooth chocolate ganache, then coated with a thin layer of white chocolate velvet spray. This makes for a total of 39 layers. 40 if you count the velvet.


  1. If you were to decorate each little cut piece of cake, could you just call them petits fours?