Thursday, May 28, 2009

Space Invaders Chocolate Mold

OK, technically it isn't used as a chocolate mold; it is an ice tray. But I saw beyond that because the tray itself is made of food grade flexible silicone, and I have used that in the past to cast chocolate. When I saw this mold I could not resist.
Some of you may not know about Space Invaders, but it was THE computer game of my childhood, along with Pac-man and other Atari games (this was the 80's what do you expect?).
Since this mold is so intricate, we needed to airbrush it first with cocoa butter, and then we poured the chocolate in. For the same reason (the intricacy of the mold) and because it is a flexible mold, I didn't want to fill it with ganache or caramel, that would have made it a very complicated task. Instead, we mixed the tempered chocolate with pop-rocks and then poured it into the mold to fill it to the top. The 80's nostalgia came full circle in this confection.


  1. Oh those look amazing! I'm a child of the 80's, so am very excited to see these :)

  2. Wha--? These are awesome. I loved me some Atari back in the day. I would happily chomp on some of these, and may I ask where you found this ice tray? And like Y, I love your book too.

  3. Pop-rocks + space invaders = awesome!!!
    I hope they are avaliable at the Pie.

  4. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the book.
    I got these at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art Store, but you can find them on Amazon I believe; go to to see more of their stuff.

  5. Wow, Awesome... Those and the Space Invaders Cutting block from Thinkgeek and it's a dream come true.

  6. Hi Chef Migoya!

    These are awesome. If you like space invaders + chocolate, I think you'll like Each pixel of the invader is a piece of chocolate. My partner is a bean to bar maker and together we created this bar. Let me know what you think!