Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beet bread

In another test to substitute the water component of bread dough with another liquid, we tested out this method with red beet juice and yellow beet juice. You can see in the picture that there were two separate doughs, each one surrounding the other.

The part that surprised me the most was not just that it looks like an interesting piece of bread, but that the flavor of the beet was very intense in it.

The crumb is not very open, perhaps because there is a lot of sugar in beets and sugar acts as a gluten tenderizer, which makes for a weaker dough. This crumb was also a bit wetter than our regular breads, which I think also has to do with the effect that that the beet juice had on the dough. It may not have been absorbed all the way by the flour, since it was not like water, it contains some other minerals and particles that prevent 100% absorption.

I can picture this bread goes well with goat cheese and some good olive oil. Plain and simple.

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