Thursday, June 4, 2009

Breakfast for dessert

I can eat cereal at any time. I have no time constraints about it. Which is why I thought that cereal can be made into a dessert. I am not talking about just adding sugar or eating Lucky Charms, I mean, using dessert components to make a cereal/dessert.
We have a recipe for oatmeal streusel which is one of the best things I have eaten. It is crisp, sweet and oaty. It is mostly used to garnish Danish and other baked goods, but I had always thought that is would make the best cereal. Perhaps not the most healthy cereal, but the best tasting yes.

The components are:
.Liquid Banana Bread truffles. This is a baked banana bread that has been pureed with some heavy cream and corn syrup, basically turning it back into a liquid batter. We pour this liquid into a silicone sphere mold, freeze it, pop it out, coat it in chocolate and then feuilletine (crisp, thin wafers). Then the liquid batter melts inside the sphere, but it won't be going anywhere soon since it is trapped in a chocolate prison.
.Peanut Butter powder. Just peanut butter with powdered sugar, mixed until it is of a dry-solid consistency, then passed through a drum sieve or tamis.
.Oatmeal streusel clusters
.Chocolate milk, on the side. This was a challenge, because what really makes good chocolate milk if not the amount and quality of chocolate? How much do you add without turning it into a viscous aberration. We did quite a few different tests, and the one we finally picked was originally a simple chocolate sauce made with chocolate (obviously), sugar and heavy cream, and then we just added milk until it felt right.

What works well here is that if you take a spoonful with all of the components, you can feel the banana sphere pop in your mouth and all of the banana flavor just surrounds all of the other flavors, but none of them overwhelms the other. Plus it's fun to have cereal for dessert.


  1. I did a cereal dessert fairly recently as well. Nothing as elaborate as yours but it was fun and well received. It was milk sherbet, caramelized corn flakes, a strawberry fluid gel and fresh strawberries. Yours sounds much more interesting.

  2. The banana sphere sounds amazing. Would love to replicate this at home. Do you store it in the fridge?

  3. tri2cook: Your dessert sounds good too. Do you have a pic you could share?

  4. There's a picture at

    I also have an ice cream I did a while back that can be seen at that I was very happy with at the time but want to revisit with the things I've learned from your book. If you have time to take a peek and can offer any suggestions I would love to hear them.

  5. You know I once tasted a smore's themed dessert where the pastry chef actually lit a dry twig with a blowtorch and put it out so that it would be like embers from a campfire, he placed it on the plate and when it was placed in fron of the diner, the server would take the twig away, leaving the campfire aroma in the air while you ate the dessert. I thought it was pretty clever, seeing that the smore's thing has been so overdone, it seemed like a novel approach that no one else had thought of beacuse it is so outside the box and I am sure it breaks some sort of fire code.
    Your approach to making the actual ice cream is intelligent and I am sure the flavor translated well. It'sall about knowing how to incorporate the flavors.

  6. Thanks Chef! I appreciate that you took time from your schedule to look at it. The burning twig sounds like a cool idea. I think my next project may be an attempt at doing your version of dessert cereal. It sounds really good.