Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Caramelized white chocolate mousse

I used caramelized white chocolate to make this mousse. I also added toffee pieces for texture, by folding them into the mousse. The dessert is served with a small envelope filled with mini pieces of toast made from plain white sandwich bread, (made from scratch obviously... no one makes bread that small, at least not commercially) and a pinch of black Hawaiian sea salt.
The mousse is so smooth, it would loose its shape had I not coated it with a white chocolate spray. The spray serves as a sort of shell that keeps the mousse in shape. The mousse is sprayed when it is frozen and once it thaws the spray will still be firm. The mousse is also sprayed with a light mist of cocoa butter mixed with a small amount of vegetable ash, the kind used for making certain types of goat cheese.
The whole flavor profile of this dessert is the Maillard reaction of different ingredients, in this case, the caramelized white chocolate, the toffee and the toast. The salt just helps things along. So how do you eat it? You spoon some of the mousse onto the toast and sprinkle some salt on top of it. Then you eat it. There is a total of five pieces of toast, just enough for the entire mousse.

The toast holds surprisingly well in refrigeration, up to 10 hours, still crisp.

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