Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Liquid truffles

These truffles were inspired by the banana bread batter spheres from the Banana Peanut Krunch dessert (http://www.thequenelle.com/2009/06/breakfast-for-dessert.html). Basically, you take a baked sponge cake and puree it with a liquid until it becomes as fluid as a batter... more or less like the consistency of creme anglaise.
I used three different spongecakes: for the green truffles I used flourless chocolate cake, for the red I used red velvet cake and for the purple I used vanilla chiffon. I blended the cakes with water and some corn syrup (for sweetness and viscosity). I used water instead of a dairy product such as milk or heavy cream so they would be somewhat shelf stable (about 5 to 7 days). There is no recipe really, it is just adjusting the textures as you see fit. The liquid cakes were then poured into truffle shells, frozen, coated in chocolate and then tossed in dehydrated
cake crumbs... very colorful cake crumbs. The cake crumbs, which I had never thought of using as a truffle coating, gave the truffles a really great crunchy texture. You do have to eat the truffle in one bite though, otherwise you will have a mess on your hands. I don't know of anyone who eats a truffle in two bites though. Someone with a tiny mouth or pursed lips I suppose.

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