Monday, June 1, 2009

More "fragrant" cheese

This cheese is an Epoisses, the real deal for "aggressively scented" cheese. The essence of the barn and the cow is to be found here. It has a soft rind and soft interior, which is typically spooned onto bread. I like the rind too, but some people prefer not to eat it. Typically you would make an incision on the top of the cheese through the rind with a spoon, and scoop the creamy center out.
What I did for this cheese was take all of the soft filling out, and smoothed it out with a rubber spatula in a bowl. Once it was soft enough, I put it in a piping bag and sandwiched it between two squares of guava paper, which is a sweet-tart fruit that goes well with most cheese.

For the guava paper I "borrowed" a recipe from Ideas in Food ( in which they make a sauerkraut paper with Methyl cellulose (Methocel A7C). Basically it is the fresh fruit pureed with the methyl cellulose (1% of the total weight of the fruit puree), spread thin over a sheet of acetate and then dehydrated at 65 degrees Celsius for a few hours.

The flavor contrasts go well together, but what I liked the most was the thin glass-like texture of the guava paper in contrast with the smooth creamy cheese.

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  1. Epoisses, that's cheese. I've always wondered how Goldfarb's Epoisses dessert would taste. But this guava sounds awesome. I gotta go look for some stinky around here.