Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Pop Tart"

This is inspired by the idea behind the way a pop tart is assembled. I know it is not a novel idea (after all, they do make a truffle pop tart at TFL, which they call a "Friand", but it is informally called a pop tart... legal reasons I would assume, but same principle). Two pieces of dough around a smooth or creamy filling. Almost like a ravioli in a sense.
For the dough in this case it had to be flexible. We made something similar to a very loose streusel, which is flour with sugar, some fat (a combination of oil and butter) and a pinch of salt. Baked to cook the flour off, and then once the mixture was cooled off, it was mixed with melted butter until if formed a cohesive mass. This was then rolled out by hand to .2 inches thick, refrigerated, and once solidified, the discs of dough were cut out.
The filling is a pureed mudslide cookie. A mudslide cookie is a chocolate cookie with chocolate chunks. Extremely rich, but pureed with water it mellowed out to the consistency of a very smooth ganache. I poured this into a dome shaped fleximold, filled 1/3 of the way, then froze it. Once frozen I assembled the tarts. To make the top disc of dough dome I just applied heat from a blow drier once Ihad placed it over the cookie puree dome, and it blanketed it easily. I froze the assembled tarts, then I cut them out again with a slightly smaller fluted ring cutter to get a clean look. Froze them again and then sprayed them with red cocoa butter.

The cherry was a very nice touch. In order to keep the stem on, I made hole at the bottom of the cherry, then extracted the pit with a pair of tweezers. The cherry was then dipped in house-made fondant (melted to 160 degrees Fahrenheit), left to dry, then placed on top of the tart. I like how the fondant puddled around the base, giving it an almost cartoon-like look, but clean at the same time.

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