Monday, June 22, 2009

Properly filled mochi

After my first posting on mochi (, I thought I was complicating things more than they had to. I was basically assembling the mochi as if it were a ravioli (one sheet of dough on the bottom, a scoop of filling, then a sheet of dough on top, then punch the shapes out). The answer to resolve all of this fuss, was to simply look at manufactured mochi. It is basically a round piece of dough, about .5" thick, that is force filled like a jelly doughnut. So that is what I did for these pieces. Two different mochi types were made. The lighter mochi is plain mochi dough (for those who do not know what mochi is, it is a Japanese product made out of glutinous rice dough (no gluten... just glutinous as in consistency), fully cooked, pleasantly chewy, typically filled with red bean paste... not my favorite filling), filled with a house made Hudson Valley strawberry jam, mixed with a vanilla mascarpone. The darker mochi is the original idea of one of my sous (Bryan) who thought of using another liquid instead of water to make the dough. In this case he used coffee, and then filled the dough discs with dulce de leche.

I find mochi to be terribly addictive. Chewy, sweet, small bites that just never seem to be enough.


  1. How exactly are you force filling them? I can't picture a pastry tip going into a half-inch circle of mochi...what am I missing?

  2. Use a long, thin tip known as a bismark or filling tip (looks like a large needle). Push it into the dough, move the tip around to make room for the filling, then pipe it in gently.

  3. I fall for ur blog at the first sight =) =)
    I wish I could buy your book