Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wrapping candy bars

Since we don't have any machine to automate the wrapping process, we have to do it all by hand. This results in a beautifully packaged candy bar, but... they take so long to wrap and are therefore a huge labor expense.

Thinking of ways to still make them look good and not compromise the look to save a few dollars, we came up with a simple idea: just cryovack them and place the label on the back of the package. This sped up the process tremendously and I think they look very clean, plus you can actually see what is inside. Also, the plastic doesn't scuff the chocolate as candy foil does. Half of the work is getting the right temper to not only give the chocolate the snap, but also the shine.


  1. I always thought APBC had the weirdest patterns on the wrapping for the chocolate bars.

  2. one man's weird is another's cool.