Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alma Chocolate - Portland, Oregon

I found this incredible chocolate shop in a tourist guide of all places ( that's what it's called; they have guides to most large cities, but the gist of it is that they feature restaurants, food shops and shops where the people who run it are passionate about their business and it shows in their product. I hope this doesn't sound like a commercial for the book, but it is very good and I highly recommend it).

The shop is called Alma Chocolate, and you can learn more about it here: , since I don't really want to write the entire background of the place or the chocolatier. What really caught my attention and sets this place apart from other chocolate shops is their icons. The actual molds are made by a local artist, so any hopes of getting a mold like these were shattered. I purchased two icons, a sacred heart and a devil. They had many more. The one I really wanted more than any of them was a heart, not a dumb cupid heart, but a human chocolate heart. So cool... but they were out of it.

The chocolate they use for their confections is of good quality; I tasted three of them and they were on point. I assume they use the same for the icons. I will never know, since I don't plan on eating the ones I bought. How could I? They are too precious.

And they also had this sand dollar below. I had to have it.


  1. Hey, thanks for the nice post about us! I am glad you liked the shop!

    -Sarah ( Alma chocolate)

  2. You bet; I loved your shop. Good luck.

  3. Your blog is amazing as well as inspiring. Thank you.

  4. Their molds are cool. They have the Virgin Mary chocolates right? Have you tried making your own molds? A couple years back I was a chocolatier in California. One of the shop owners made her own molds. If I remember correctly she molded a clay figure, dried it overnight and then put it in some sort of silicone agent, which eventually hardened to form the chocolate mold. It was slightly more complicated than that, but not impossible.

  5. Yes, I use a food grade silicone called copy-flex. Expensive.

  6. great recommendation for copy flex