Friday, July 24, 2009

Cream ravioli

I originally wanted to make this ravioli out of milk just barely coagulated with animal rennet; unfortunately I only had vegetable "rennet" and it is a bad at coagulating as I had assumed. There's nothing like the enzymes from a cow's belly to get the job done.
So, gelatin was the next best thing. This is half and half, sweetened and lightly set with gelatin... just barely. It is filled with a dense chocolate cookie puree, originally almost like a brownie, pureed with little water, then frozen in a half-sphere flexi-mold. It has to be thawed on the plate it is to be served, otherwise it is impossible to move from point A to point B.
For texture, the ravioli is surrounded by a mixture of toasted almond flour, cocoa powder, sugar and butter.
The half and half is surprisingly rich and creamy. It almost has more of a cream taste than cream. I had never thought to use it before. It always seemed like something people (not me) added to their coffee. I think it is a great ingredient with much potential but a bad rap. It might be very good for making ice cream; if you think of it, many ice creams have a proportion of milk and heavy cream, which is essentially what half and half is. But half and half has its particular taste that neither milk nor heavy cream have on their own and that could yield very good results.


  1. James Edward LintelmannJuly 30, 2009 at 11:57 PM

    I am sorry to hear about BFH, it was one of my favorites

  2. I love half and half for dairy in pastry - it has a nice balance of cream and milk, so not heavy like cream, but with more body than milk. I am a black coffee kind of girl, but have tried it with half and half. If I were to go dairy in my coffee - that would be it.

    I loved your Frozen Desserts book and can't wait to see what the Modern Cafe is like. T.