Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Root Beer float shot

The idea to use a Plexiglas tube is inspired by one of the desserts at Alinea. It is intelligent because it is portable, it contains the dessert in place and it makes the use of a utensil such as a spoon or fork unnecessary. You simply suck the contents of the tube in one shot to get the full effect of the dessert. It is essentially a giant straw.
The components are: vanilla and creme fraiche panna cotta, root beer (with some root beer extract added to it to intensify its flavor, and a very small amount of gelatin) and tapioca cooked in root beer. It is important that the components are able to stay in place since the tube lays horizontally. The full effect of flavor and texture can only happen if you are able to suction all of the components in one, well... suction. It is also over pretty quickly. But is that a bad thing?

The mouth model was our very own Sean Pera.

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