Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tapioca film part 2

In my fist posting about tapioca film ( I had developed a method to extract the mucilaginous starch from tapioca pearls. Very complicated to an extent. But then it occurred to me that using plain tapioca starch might work as well if not better. The proportion is about 5 parts water to one part tapioca starch. They are both boiled together until the liquid is translucent and thick. Then it is spread onto a sheet of thin Plexiglas to dry out in a dehydrator. It worked much better and gave a higher yield than the initial method did.

This film was made with a sweetened hibiscus and strawberry infusion and tapioca starch. It needs to dry for a good 12 hours.


  1. Chef,

    I am going to try your recipe of 5:1 but i dont have plexiglass and dehydrator. but I am just going to do it with good ole' microwave.

    But what I can tell you is just plain tapioca starch/flour in a microwave proof bowl (with high sides be better), add in what you want to flavour the starch with, in my case was screwpine/pandanus leaf.

    With my microwave at 100%, I heat up the flour at 1 minute interval until there is this thin film thats not translucent (looks like edible paper, but slightly crispier and melt in your mouth) thats subtly flavoured with the screwpine leaf.

    I did it with lemon peel and fresh mango skin (just make sure no moisture). worked a treat.

    imagine the possibility

  2. That's great Sharon. Thanks for the tip.