Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bubble sphere

The image above is of a sphere of a chrysanthemum and vanilla infusion that was previously distilled to obtain a clear liquid. The liquid is thickened with xanthan gum, which is what created those bubbles (and what inspired this very clever title), and then calcium lactate is added, so when dipped in a sodium alginate base, they form a membrane just on the surface like and egg yolk. I did not by any means invent this method... its has actually been around for a while, but I wanted to see what it did with a clear liquid, since it is typically made with fruit purees (among many other components, but fruit purees seem to be the most popular).
The look made me think of a carbonated drink, so I thought to make the same product but with tonic water (slightly sweetened). The result was more or less similar as you can see below, but it has way more bubbles and they are much smaller. This particular sphere would be great with gin, since it almost looks like ice, and well, it is made of tonic. The spheres would have to be way smaller, otherwise you would be chugging that gin down to get whole sphere in your mouth, and as we all know, gin can lead to bad things. Very. Bad. Things.

Below is a short video showing these wonderful spheres pop and ooze. Please enjoy,



  1. Those are cool looking. I wonder if you could hit them with CO2 in a siphon and carbonate them? Fizzy tonic bubble spheres!