Sunday, August 30, 2009

French Toast and bacon candy bar

In the search for non traditional candy bar fillings, I thought to use brioche a few months ago for a special box of chocolates we made for Ferran Adria on his visit to the CIA in March. Not always do you need to make a ganache or a caramel to fill a chocolate (or marzipan... or pate de fruit). We have already used popcorn as a non-traditional filling. This time, based on a maple chocolate that Bryan, my head chocolate person made (the actual white chocolate was made with maple sugar instead of granulated sugar, and powdered yogurt instead of milk powder), we tried to replicate the flavors and texture of French toast, naturally.

Why not use the actual main ingredient as a filling? We were successful with it in the past. So what we did was soak it in a ganache with low Aw (that is water activity... to much of it makes it spoil quickly) that was flavored with spices and rum to act as the egg custard soak. And then to take it ever so slightly over the top we added crispy, salty, smoky bacon. It is one of my favorite candy bars ever. I find it very hard to stop eating them which is a problem.