Monday, August 10, 2009

Popcorn candy bar

This candy bar is filled with popcorn.

We basically made popcorn right on a stove top, cooled it down, then ground it in a robot coupe, and then passed it through a tamis to obtain a fine popcorn powder. We also seasoned it with freeze dried salted butter powder: it tasted exactly like movie theater popcorn... if they used real butter. It contains a second element of flavor and texture which is a fleur de sel chewy caramel.

The trick with this candy bar is to keep the popcorn from falling all over your shirt, since it is loose inside the bar. To fix that, a small amount of anhydrous butter (butter without moisture... not the same as clarified butter) is added to keep it tightly in place, but just a small amount, otherwise it's like eating a stick of butter.

The mold we used is from this company:

This chef, Enric Rosich, has started a company that sells molds for pastry production. Its goal is to reduce waste and increase productivity as well as to provide consistency. You will see what I mean when you see the website.

The molds are intended to be single use. And even though they are recyclable, we will definitely try to use them as many times as possible.


  1. Fun. What kind of texture do you get in the interior after 2-3 days of storage? Does the popcorn start to absorb water from the caramel? If so, do you find the texture changes appealing or not?

  2. Very cool. If a person didn't have access to anhydrous butter do you think a very careful amount of cocoa butter would do in a pinch?

  3. Chou: since there is no significant amount of moisture in the caramel it does not affect the popcorn It has been good, still after two weeks.

    Tri2Cook: yes you could use cocoa butter. I used the anhyrdous butter to add flavor.

  4. Thanks for letting me know about the caramel. ;) Caramel corn meets candy bar, and a good time is had by all.

  5. Oh, Chef. Did you just solve my chocolate shop's problem of what to make for a second insanely popular candy bar?? I think you did.

  6. Wait till you see tomorrow's posting...