Friday, September 18, 2009


This picture to me shows one of the most beautiful things I like to see when it comes to pastry: sameness. These are macarons waiting to be baked. It shows a practiced hand, precision, consistency and skill. As if a machine had made it, and yet it was a human hand. It's not the same as when you see desserts being popped out of a fleximold, where the silicone does the work for you, and then where is the craftsmanship when all you use is a mold? Molds are good to use, but I think restraint should be the mantra. Otherwise why bother?

See it and love it.


  1. I'm sure it involves hand eye coordination skills. Don't think one can pull that off blindfolded. Would get a Picasso piece instead.

  2. These look amazing! That is a great shot.

  3. we used to do macaron piping competitions at work. who could piping fastest and most even. that's a beautiful sight!