Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall chocolate line-up

I've never understood why some chocolatiers refer to their seasonal offerings as a "collection", as if it they were designers of chocolate... I think I like that term, purely for ridicule purposes. I like to call it what it is: chocolates for the fall.

This is what they are, from top to bottom:


Mexican Chocolate

Candied apple


Coconut Gianduja (solid)

Marzipan and Elderflower liquor

Black truffle

Crispy hazelnut


  1. what brand of colored cocoa butters or liposoluble coloring do you use? and @ what temp do you prefer to apply them to the molds?

  2. "Chef rubber" is the brand. It's enough to just melt them and then cool them down to room temp to apply as a drizzle or with a brush. But if you are using an airbrush, just melt it and spray it... the blast of air from the brush is enough to cool the butter down and set it quickly.

  3. Hi chef
    I wanted to ask you A question? Where can i find a airbrush and why do you spray the molds and what do you use to give it a color