Saturday, November 28, 2009

The good book

I received this book a couple of weeks ago in the mail. I ordered it out of curiosity (and because I had finally found it for a decent price). The reason I am compelled to write about it is because it seems that professional publications that are focused on pastry are a rarity. Sure, Paula Deen (Dean?) and Martha Stewart publish plenty of books on the subject, but the niche is the home baker, not people like us. So just in that regard alone, I had to own this book. I am not going to tell you all the contents of the book (you can see that here: , but it has a good balance of modern-contemporary pastry and classic pastry. There are some strange additions that I did not fully comprehend, such as the section on the prickly pear (or as they call it: cactus fig), but who am I to question that? I am not a book critic. I do not like book critics very much. I will say though, the recipes are not as explicit as they could be. I think they should be explained with more details and information. After all, pastry demands precision. But all in all, highly recommended.

Full disclosure: In the interest of preserving my integrity, you should know that I am not getting a red cent for this posting, there is however, the chance that might be added as one of their links... or not.


  1. I bought this when it came out and, while I personally enjoyed it, found it problematic. Specifically, they don't seem to know their audience - the information is too brief for a professional who will want to know more, but the recipes are too scant for a novice. The mere idea that this will be an annual is also problematic for me since it will be dated by the time the new edition comes out. I would rather they pick an audience and cater to them.

  2. Yes, I agree, it could have more information and not assume that all will know what they are talking about. Regarding the book being dated before it comes out, well, that's just the way the publishing world moves... S.L.O.W. Which is why I have a blog. Fast. I think if they could put it in a magazine format and reduce their price they would be more accesible. My two cents.