Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Danish

I haven't posted about Danish, or anything bread-like in a while, so it's about time.

This is a new Danish we started a couple of days ago, what with pumpkin season being upon us. We basically take a rectangle of pumpkin poundcake and wrap it in Danish dough. We proof it and bake it in a custom made metal cube (this helps streamline the shape, control the bake, and since it is metallic, the heat transfer is dramatic, creating a powerful oven spring on the dough, opening up those layers of dough and creating a flaky - crisp crust). Once it is baked it is filled (yes, we fill our Danish after they are baked, not before... I have never understood the notion that putting the filling in before hand as if that was in the least bit a smart thing to do; these fillings, generally high in moisture, kill the dough, weighing it down, and then sogging it up, making all of your hard work laminating the dough, completely and utterly useless) with a mixture of mascarpone, sugar and our pumpkin butter. Then it is drizzled with a fine glaze of pumpkin spices (cinnamon, clove, ginger), and garnished with pumpkin seed dragees. Beautiful.

Look at that crumb structure/honeycomb. You have not seen anything like that in a while. Not since my last lamination posting. Yes, that's right. Don't kid yourself.


  1. I see lamination like that everyday. I did afterall learn how to laminate from YOU!

  2. I agree, the best danishes and croissants i had were ALL at Apple Pie, no doubt.

  3. Have never been a fan of Danish pastries, but I think I could easily love this one.

  4. Is this in your new book?

  5. The recipe and method for lamination is in my upcoming book; this particular Danish is not. Sorry.

  6. Can you post the recipe on Danish bread?