Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More sameness

This is a semi-new dessert inspired by seasonal flavors. The original idea was to create a dessert that would loosely reference a pumpkin pie. It is a pumpkin panna cotta (to serve as the doppelganger of the pumpkin custard in pumpkin pie) dusted with freeze dried pumpkin powder, pumpkin seed streusel coated in atomized chocolate (the pie shell), creme fraiche (the cube next to the quenelle, acting as the whipped cream) and finally a completely unrelated item: the quenelle is a milk chocolate chantilly coated in a pumpkin seed velvet spray. This is actually an interesting component, made with a combination of pumpkin butter and pumpkin seed oil, which is naturally that actual green that you see.
Oh, also, I love squares and rectangles, with straight corners and also with curved corners. I think they are the perfect shape for desserts. It's the easiest way to divide a dessert if one is into sharing, but it is also a great way to be able to line desserts up.

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