Saturday, December 5, 2009

On my way to Spain

I am very fortunate to be leaving tomorrow for Spain, specifically Barcelona and the surrounding area (Mon Sant Benet), where a wonderful place, named the ALICIA Foundation is located. This foundation's main objective is (copied from their website):
AlĂ­cia is a research centre focusing on technological innovation in kitchen science and the dissemination of agronourishment and gastronomic heritage. It has a clear social mission in that it is open to the public, and is aimed at promoting good nourishment.; for more detailed info, see here: Ferran Adria is mostly responsible for the foundation's direction and growth. It is because of him really that this trip is happening, since his visit to the CIA's campus in March of this year, part of his agenda was to establish a close connection to the school. One of the results of this connection or relationship was to start an exchange of chefs from the Catalan region of Spain and members of the faculty, staff and students from the CIA. I was one of the very lucky faculty members to be selected for this tremendous honor.

There are many activities planned for us, some hands-on work shops, tours and generally an immersion into Catalan cuisine, classic and avant garde (don't call it molecular gastronomy...).

I will be posting as I can, mostly video and some photos, until I return on December 18th.


  1. awesome , spent a day there in october , it was sooo good, well worth the journey, get up to can roca while you are in that part of spain

  2. Very cool Chef... looking forward to the reports.

  3. congratulations Francisco!

    (you're of spanish origins right?)

  4. Will you be visiting Paco Torreblanca?