Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oriol Balaguer / Ramon Morato (Cacao Sampaka)

As soon as I could I went to my first destination: Oriol Balaguer. And my first impression was: its' tiny. But, I have to say, the design is spectacular. Size is irrelevant. I wish my shop were this small. Really. I won't babble on about the place, just look at the photos.

The set below was in the chain of chocolate shops owned (?) partially by Ramon Morato (if you do not know him, please google him, you will be impressed) called Cacao Sampaka. I only shot outside beacuse they would not let me shoot inside. Why? What could possibly result from that? Ridiculous. So, since I could not shoot a photo, I shot video... to be posted later.


  1. I've got the Morato book and it's impressive. Can't wait to read more about your experiences there - and of course, the video! :-)

  2. Did you know that as of a couple weeks ago, chocolates by Oriol Balaguer are featured at the Borne Confections boutique on Park Ave in NYC?

  3. I just found out actually. Julia Collins, the owner, actually has the exclusive distribution for all of OB chocolates for the next five years in the US. Nice.