Thursday, January 14, 2010

Enric Rovira - Chocolatero / Barcelona

Enric Rovira must have special chocolate super-powers. Go to his website to see what I mean: ; his chocolate showpieces are unlike anything I have ever seen. In fact, they are probably the best I have ever seen. It completely detaches itself from the norm of chocolate showpieces which I have grown to not like so much.
I was able to visit his shop in Barcelona. Here are the images.


  1. Magic blog!
    Beautiful work!

    Made my day!

    / john

  2. Beautiful chocolates...but unfortunately, they are very overpriced and don't taste all that good.

    And one time someone gave me a box of their chocolates and they turned out to be completely spoiled. I tried to return them to the shop for an exchange or a refund, but they refused.

    I'm NEVER going back.

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