Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Modern Cafe - The Missing Photos, Part 1

As it happens with many cook books, often there are not the same amount of photos as there are actual items in the book. For this reason I decided to personally photograph all of the items that did not make it to the book but that there are actual recipes for in it, as a way to give those who actually consult the book a broader experience (or more bang for their buck if you will). So the next 5 to 6 postings will all be cakes (or entremets if you want to get fancy) that did not get photographed for the book.

The cake below is the "Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Tiles".


  1. Thanks for this. I just received my ordered copy of the book. Looks fantastic, and I love that you're providing some additional material on your blog.

  2. Chef, would it be asking too much for you to post pictures that are easily down loaded. I have your book and would love to print these extra photos and include them with the recipes.

    Either way, thank you for including these pictures. I was disappointed that some of the cakes that most interested me did not have companion photos.


  3. What a wonderful, generous thing to do. Thank you.

  4. Unlike the first photo on this page, the second photo does not open up in a new window as an enlarged JPEG file when one clicks on it. I have noticed this exact same problem on several of the other parts of "The Missing Photos" blog entries. Also, the first photo on this page seems to be strangely out of focus when enlarged. I love my copy of this book and being able to print these additional photos for addition to its pages is simply awesome. Can any of these issues be fixed?

  5. I'll try to fix it. Not sure what's going on.