Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Macs

I have a very strong staff at work. They go above and beyond the call of duty and are sure to be industry leaders in the future. Even knowing that, sometimes they do something that blows me away. Take these hazelnut cream filled macarons for example. Sean Pera, one of my pastry staff, decided to try these out yesterday, and the results are just outstanding. First try and they were on point. So we will be selling these in the cafe until Friday.

Nice job Sean!


  1. Beautiful, just like the rest of the work coming out of your kitchen. I just finished the Papua New Guinea chocolate. It was amazing with great depth and complexity. I wish I had easier access to it!

  2. Thanks John. Wish you could visit more often!

  3. So did Sean pipe these freehand or use a tuile stencil (if a stencil would even work)?


  4. What is your macaron recipe? Curious as how you get them SO shiny.

  5. shine depends on how quickly the sugar dissolves into the egg whites. The sooner the better (the shinier).
    This is my basic recipe:
    125 g almond flour (good quality)
    225 g confectioner's sugar
    Grind together in a robot coupe and pass through a sieve. Ideally leave out to dry overnight.
    100g whites
    5 g egg white powder
    30 g sugar, superfine, grind in coffee grinder to a powder
    Whip top stiff peaks, add food coloring.
    Fold into almond and sugar mix until mixture is semi-loose (should puddle slightly in the bowl).
    Pipe onto a sheet pan lined with a silpat or other non-stick rubber mat. Dry for 35 to 40 minutes. Bake at 300 F in a convection oven for 4 minutes on the lowest fan speed. Turn oven off and leave to bake 14 more minuites.
    That'll do it.

  6. hey chef !

    i was reading your macaron recipe in the Modern Cafe (VERY good book ! :) and before i try it, i want to ask you why some othere recipes use italian meringue.. (one i've found uses plain eggwhites in the dry ingedients and then some italian meringue to finish the mixture)
    does it make a differece ??

    also: any ideas in achieving finely ground almonds in a Magimix ?

    thanks! Stephano

  7. Stephano
    There are two ways to make macarons, one is as in my book, with a simple or French meringue,and then there is a way to make them with an Italian meringue. The macarons with an Italian meringue are very stable and hardly ever come out wrong, but, they are so much more laborious. I prefer to use the simpler, easier recipe.
    Thanks for buying the book!

  8. thanks so much !
    the "italian" way sounds safer but i think i'll try the recipe from your book first.. keep up the good work ! :)