Monday, March 22, 2010

Frozen Desserts - Now available in German: Wunderbar!

While you may or may not speak German, the new edition will be available in May, just in time for the summer. This edition is particularly sweet, since the German publisher asked to have all of the items in the book photographed, so you could say that this edition is the new and improved edition. The hope is that when the second edition of Frozen Desserts comes out in English, it will have the same increased amount of photography. It is more than 30 extra photos.

I saw the draft a few weeks ago and did not understand a word, but it was truly satisfying to see all of the items finally in a photo, courtesy of Ben Fink, the world's best food photographer.


  1. Chef Migoya,
    Currently I am in Berlin, Germany working in the Pastry Section at Fischers Fritz. When I first started I commented on how a lot of our recipes reminded me of yours and the Head Pastry Chef almost fell off his chair. He was both amazed that I spotted the recipes and that I had been a student of yours. His two books of reference are the Modern Cafe and Frozen Desserts and he guards them with his life. You create inspirtation all over the world

  2. Dear Ariel
    I am so happy you were able to recieve that scholarship. How is the German Languge working out for you? I hear Berlin is a wonderful city and would love to go some day. You are very lucky. Thank you so much for the feedback. it is great to hear that professionals are finding my books useful. Take care and be well. Merry Christmas