Sunday, March 14, 2010

Peaches and Cream

It may be a little early to get started on stone fruit, but I am done waiting for Spring to come along. This dessert only take the flavor elements from peaches and cream (which originally is poached peaches (or, God forbid, canned peaches) and heavy cream, sometimes sweetened and whipped). Not a bad dessert really if you actually use fresh peaches, perfectly ripe and then slowly poached.

In this case, we have a peach nectar jelly (on top), the body of the dessert is a vanilla cream (or Bavarian if you want to be fancy); the inclusion is a crunchy almond praline. We cook almonds in sugar and then intentionally crystallize the sugar. Once it cools down it is coarsely ground, combined with cocoa butter and then poured into a mold to set hard. Once it is hardened it can be unmolded and inserted into the vanilla cream before it sets.

The decor is a green chocolate nest (white chocolate colored green). This is done by drizzling very thin lines of melted green chocolate over frozen marble slabs, and then rolling it up before it hardens completely. Easier said than done though.


  1. it is beautiful!!!
    how you colord your chocolate?

  2. thank you very much :)

  3. Fantastic! What did you use to mold the dessert?