Friday, April 9, 2010

New Chocolate Packaging

I have been looking for a good line of boxes for our chocolates, confections, salts and teas/infusions for a long time. Years actually. Sure, you could have a line of beautiful one-of-a-kind custom made boxes, but that could cost thousands of dollars. Since we are a non-profit institute and we are very much a DIY kind of people, we have always made do with foil and gift wrap. Until now. I found a company that makes what I had been looking for, was reasonably priced and could give us a product on a consistent basis. Ok, so that was nice. The problem was that our candy bars wouldn't fit any of the sizes of the boxes they had! We took a hit and ordered new chocolate molds that would fit inside these boxes. I feel that it was the right investment. Now we have a uniform line that is clean and consistent and I believe looks very sharp. And it is still kind of DIY, since the leaf imprint is done by us with a rubber stamp. The stack you see above is a sampling of some of the chocolates we offer. Below are two of the varieties of salt we sell.



  1. I saw the package you gave Dominique, it looks really nice.

  2. Hey Chef,

    A post about the giant miche you made (I believe with the vegetable ash stenciled on top) would be outstanding. I was only able to admire them through the café's showcase window just before I graduated and I always think about it.

    I hope to see it soon!

    Thanks again,
    Bernie Tostanowski

  3. They're beautiful boxes. Care to share the source for us home cooks who like to give pretty gifts?

  4. Sure, we get them from here: