Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cocoa Veil Envelopes

I placed the veil from the previous post, made with gellan gum, cocoa bean stock, cocoa powder and sugar inside a dehydrator to see what it did. Set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for five hours, the veil became crispy and very brittle. Which opens up other possibilities, such as an edible envelope. This envelope is filled with Earl Grey chocolate, but it can be filled with many other components, so long as they are dry. I think that popcorn powder and malt powder could work very well flavor-wise.

Photo: Bryan Graham.


  1. chef ,
    What colors(liquid or dry )do you use in your joconde to get such bright and deep colors? Can you dry them in a low oven 120F?I live in the south, so i figure i would have to keep them in zip lock bags or air tight containers for the best results.

  2. The Ateco brand of colors works very well; they are a paste that is highly concentrated. You can dry it in a very low oven as you said.