Sunday, August 15, 2010


I love Danish. Well made Danish. I don't particularly care for what has happened to Danish in the U.S.A. though. It is has become something completely unrecognizable from its origins in Eastern Europe, what with the slathering of goopy fruit fillings (better suited for pies really) and pastry cream and brioche-soft doughs without a trace of laminated dough to be seen or felt... barely a resemblance to what it should be. I believe Danish should be flaky and light as air. I believe Danish should be left to proof and bake with nothing to weigh them down, such as the goopy fillings I mentioned. I believe they should be filled after they are baked, which will also preserve their flakiness for longer.

I developed a recipe and a method for it (The Modern Cafe) and I am very happy with the results it gets. After publishing the method in TMC (I would pipe raw batter into the dough and then proof and bake them together with great results), I thought to change the approach slightly, and build Danish as I would build an entremet (cake). This particular Danish is a great example of what I mean. Inside it, there is s square of dried plum (ok... prunes) financier cake, already baked. The Danish is proofed and baked with the cake inside it, which helps give the Danish something to proof and bake around... for support if you will. After the Danish is baked, it is filled with a house made cashew butter and mascarpone cream, then topped with plum jam and a linzer cookie. so there's three different doughs here: danish, financier and linzer. It has two moist fillings: cashew butter with mascarpone and the plum jam. The ribbon and gold are merely decorative.

Now, this is a Danish.


  1. "danish, financier and linzer" oh gosh.. i can feel my heart stopping from all the butter.. I hope it's organic. haha.

    linzer cookie? what's the difference between linzer and linzer cookie, i mean...?

  2. i would love to see the inside of this danish! eat it. When we were practicing Danish in school, a lot of the dough was proofed with those gloppy fillings, then when baked, they ran all over the place in one hot mess. I agree.. filling after seems more delicate and neat . Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Linzer is the cookie. As in: "I used a linzer cookie here."