Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jeffrey Steingarten is a cool guy

I went to the premiere party for Top Chef Just Desserts last night which was held at the Dream Hotel in NYC (not showing off, just building towards a story here). It was great to see so many people from the food industry there (particularly pastry chefs) and to see a screening for the new show. But what was really cool and completely unexpected was to see Jeffrey Steingarten there. I have read two of his books, and in a moment of amnesia, I forgot his name but remembered the titles of his book. I suppose he felt bad for me and then decided it was better to just tell me his name and of course as he is saying it I remembered it. He was very gracious about the whole deal and even agreed to have this shot taken with me... three times... because my flash was not working. Mr. Steingarten, if you read this, I am sorry I forgot your name temporarily and thank you so much for your patience. You are the most fun judge on Iron Chef.

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