Saturday, October 23, 2010

Opera 2.0

I really like the classic opera cake. When it is well done it is the prefect balance of flavors, but the one complaint I would have is that is is one-dimensional when it comes to texture, and often the hardened buttercream and ganache are hard to get through (and over... I mean hard buttercream is just like eating cold butter).

In this version the cake is soaked with an espresso syrup (all the way at the bottom of the dessert), the layers are alternating with chocolate tiles which give the desserts the snap it needs (in my humble opinion). The layer above the cake is a whipped espresso buttercream which is lighter than straight buttercream, and above it is a whipped espresso and chocolate ganache, as light as mousse.

The balance of coffee/espresso flavors and chocolate is just right.


  1. I always love doing this particular method- the stacking. It can quickly lighten a new take on a classic, and it's fun to get creative with how each item will be interpreted. Will cake be used? Thinly sliced fruit? Chocolate? Cookies? What method will I do for the cream layers? It offers so many opportunities in flavor, texture, appearance, etc. It's a good concept to have in the back pocket.

  2. It looks like very good!
    It seems this weekend is the weekends of coffe-chocolate desserts. Today i make coofe-chocolate cake too :)))