Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stout Ale Chocolates

These chocolates are filled with a ganache made of milk chocolate, cream and stout ale from Keegan Ales, right around th ecorner from us in Kingston, New York. The name of this ale is Mother's Milk, which I am not too sure about (I mean, really, couldn't have chosen a different name?), but as far as its taste goes it is remarkably friendly with chocolate, with caramel and oatmeal flavors. As a side note, we also use it to make our stout ice cream. Very dessert friendly ale for sure.
The image looks slightly blue but I assure you there is no blue on the chocolate.


  1. Are you willing to share the recipe for your stout ganache? It sounds wonderful.

    Chris Parks

  2. These chocolates sound wonderful. Thanks for the post!