Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Items at the APBC

The past week or so we have been going through an overhaul of our dessert offerings at the APBC. Since I am done with the bulk of my book work and the class I taught in Barcelona is now behind me, I have been able to have time to develop new desserts that I have been wanting to get out there. There are more coming out this week and next, which translates to almost 90% change in our menu. It's very refreshing.

Item 1:
Inspired by the flavors in the classic opera cake, with a dark chocolate mousse, whipped espresso anglaise, chocolate pearls, a quenelle of creme fraiche and a morsel of espresso genoise.

Item 2:
White Chocolate Chantilly, coated in red velvet cake crumbs, chocolate pain de Genes and foam sugar pieces.

Item 3:
Maple Sugar Pound Cake, coated in pecan marzipan (absolutely delicious).

Item 4:
Still in the test/concept stages, this is a bergamot orange cream with a pistachio streussel, Earl Grey genoise, cassis macaron and pistachio joconde crumbs. The sphere is a distilled Earl Grey clear gel. The ring is pulled sugar.


  1. Chef, The new desserts look amazing. I will have to take a trip to the CIA so I can enjoy them first hand. Question...How do you make the Earl Grey Clear Gel? Hope your doing well.

  2. Chef, item 4 is by far the most incredible dessert I have ever seen... It is whimsical yet immensely refined.

  3. Chef, Item 4 IS incredible!! Would you ahre, how you made the pound cake? ... abit hard to get maple sugar here in germany though....

  4. you are my inspiration.! I am from the middle east I just graduated from LCB and studied pastry. I hope one day I can be like you.