Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yann Duytsche

A couple of weeks ago while in Barcelona we were taken to Dolc, Yann Duytsche's patisserie 30 minutes away from Barcelona in San Cugat by our hosts from the EPGB (the school I taught at). I own a copy of Yann's Sweet Diversions and have heard so much about his work that I was very curious and frankly excited to see his shop. I went with Robert Howay, one of my MIT's and Bryan Graham, my former sous chef now in the process of starting his own chocolate shop and Olivier, director of the EPGB. Yann was completely gracious and could not be more welcoming. His shop is spartan in simplicity, and his kitchen is so efficient in and clean, you have to see it to believe it.

He shared a few of his desserts with us and was kind enough to allow us to photograph the moments we spend there. Thank you Yann.

On a side note, Yann's sous chef was part of team Spain which won the World Pastry Cup this past January in Lyon, France. Kind of a huge deal.

There are more photos here

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