Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adding Texture to Confections

I had an idea for incorporating more textures to confections I had been thinking about for a while but was not sure about how to execute. i wanted to incorporate these chocolate pearls that Valrhona makes which are incredible little spheres of crunch (puffed rice coated in chocolate) that you can add to many different pastry preparations such as desserts, cakes and in this case confections. But I wanted to be able to show them a bit, so that you could see them before eating them. The answer was not that complicated. the mold is coated in a light mist of Peridot green cocoa butter, the pearls are spooned in (3 at a time) and then you pipe tempered chocolate around the spheres to affix them to the mold. Once that amount of chocolate sets, then you cast the mold with more tempered chocolate and proceed as normal. This particular confection is filled with a lemon ganache.

1 comment:

  1. It would be very visually appealing if you are able to create a line of the chocolate pearls going down the side, so that it looks like the chocolate is divided into three be these tiny pearls.