Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I am a very big fan of the flavors of the classic Mont Blanc dessert. Chestnut paste, vanilla Chantilly and sablee dough. Very straightforward but incredibly pleasant. I first tasted it in a pastry shop in Paris named Angelina that has been around for a while. A very long while, so they know how to make it well.

In this dessert I took those flavors and created a visual landscape of an imaginary mountainous valley with various Mont Blancs (hopefully you know that the name refers to a snow covered mountain in the Alps, the highest in the area; it does not refer to the Swiss pen and watch maker). The "mountains" are a combination of sweet chestnut puree and mascarpone coated in white velvet spray. Below them, beyond view is a thin layer of vanilla chantilly made with heavy cream and creme fraiche. Above the chantilly is crisp streusel and streusel crumbs enhanced with green food dye. The garnishes are candied mimosas and lilacs, ash powder grey macaron shells and edible copper glaze to resemble mushrooms.

There is the individual portion above, but below is the "cake-in-a-box" version.


  1. LOL! The setup looks so inviting. The figurative presentation works. The spaces between the mountains add an intimate variety of places to explore visually. Makes me wonder what other takes there are on this dessert.

  2. Looks amazing. What white velvet consists of?

  3. This is a brilliant concept and execution. A stroke of genius. How did you form the shapes of the chestnut mascarpone mixture? Congratulations for being named a Top Ten Pastry chef of the year. An accolade well deserved.