Thursday, November 17, 2011


 I've been working on the items I will be teaching this February at the EPGB to document them and make sure they are up to par. This is one of the items. It is a large format tart, with Salted Caramel, Light Ganache, Coconut Panna Cotta (the cubes) and small quenelles of Creme Fraiche. It is sprayed with dark chocolate and white chocolate velvet. The herbs used are fried basil and crystallized fennel fronds.


  1. Hello Chef,

    I have been a big fan of your work for years, and really enjoy all of your effort that goes into this blog. My name is Cory Barrett, i am currently the executive chef at a restaurant in cleveland ohio called Lola. Prior to my recent move to the savory side i was a pastry chef.

    Ok enough of that. I was going through some of my notes the other day and there was something i came across that i tought may interest you. About a year ago i was dabbeling with the idea of introducing white soy sauce into bread dough, for addition umami. I used a very simple over night proof and instant yeast. The results where very nice, but it just ended up sitting in my note book. The bakers percentage is as follows:

    Bread Flour 100%
    White Soy Sauce 11 %
    Instant Yeast .7%
    Water 69%

    The resulting dough is closer to that of chibatta really. My first attempts i used dark soy but the added color made the bread too dark. I found that the white soy was a better route.

    Anyway take this note for what you will. Again thank you for all the work and information that goes into your blog.


  2. Beautiful intersect of geometry and nature Chef. What is the EPGB you mention?

  3. Cory: thank you for the recipe; sounds very interesting.
    David: the EPGB is the pastry school in Barcelona where I teach a two day class each year.